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“Enhancing lives by mending hearts and filling homes with the love of purposefully bred miniature schnauzers.”  -Megan Asbill


Thank you for taking a look at our program!  My love for miniature schnauzers began in 2008 when I started researching dog breeds.  I had always loved animals and had several pets over the course of my childhood and teen years, but as an adult I had enjoyed most of my twenties without the responsibility of pets.  At the time that my desire to add a 4-legged family member began, my husband and I lived in a townhome in the city that restricted the weight & size of pets.  I wanted a dog that would fit our sizing parameters and would also be a watchdog, was vocal, could be fierce, if need be, but would be a loving and sweet companion to us and our toddler-aged grandchildren.  I talked with several Vets, trainers, and individuals for recommendations of dog breeds that possessed those traits.  Several suggested the miniature schnauzer. 

I began to wonder what was so special about this breed!  I perused ads online of available puppies, and although there were many sweet faces, let me tell you, love at first sight is real!  I fell in love when I saw a photo of my little girl, Greta.  I had looked at several puppies but something about her spoke to me. 

As I had previously done with others, I forwarded her bio and photo to my mother and she responded with, “That’s the one!  My granddog!  Get her!!”  Haha!  Little did I know, most owners can’t stop at just one miniature schnauzer!  We adopted a sister for her not long after, and then another sister.  The second sister came from my now-good friend and breeding mentor, Donna Irizarry of Schnauzers of Taylor. 

As the years went by, and the more I followed Donna’s page and blog, and learned about the breed with their unique personalities, intelligence, loyalty and trainability, the deeper my fondness grew.  They are such amazing little companion animals!  I do not have biological children of my own, but I consider my pets my children. 

I had never thought of breeding and raising puppies until 2016.  I had overcome a personal battle with cancer and went through a season of life that changed everything.  Well, almost everything.  Through all the trials and tribulations, the love and support of my dedicated miniature schnauzer daughters remained constant and unchanged. 

They healed me with their love.  They gave me a will and a reason to get up every day, (really, really early).  Love for the breed turned into a passion, and a passion into a dream.  I had found a new interest, and the more I learned about raising my own litters, the more the determination grew.  I have read, researched, easily asked 1,000+ questions, and planned for literally months and years to knit the healthiest and best puppies for our puppy families. 

With the support of my husband and my breeding mentor, our program was born.  As a group effort, we imported our foundation female from a show-quality Veterinarian breeder in Russia in 2019.  Our first litter whelped in 2020.  Raising puppies is hard work that is often misconstrued as “easy money.”  It’s a dirty and costly hobby with long hours that are interwoven with every emotion possible to humankind. 

Regardless of the difficulties, breeding has given me immense joy by sharing the love and companionship of the miniature schnauzer breed with others.  I believe this historic breed should be preserved and protected with ethical and responsible breeding practices.  The puppies we have placed in homes are cherished by their families, which is our ultimate goal.  Raising these exceptional pups has been an avenue for connecting with some amazing people and building meaningful, lasting friendships.  I will always be grateful to be living my dream.

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