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About Our Program


It is our mission at Laurel Crown Schnauzers to breed companion miniature schnauzers of the highest standards.  As a small home-based breeding program, quality bloodlines and health are our top priority.  All sires and dams are registered, DNA tested, genetic tested, and eyes certified by a board-certified Veterinarian Ophthalmologist.  We will never breed a dog that does not meet our criteria for excellence in health, temperament, and appearance.  As members of our family, our pets live indoors with us, and our puppies are raised in a nursery inside our home with constant monitoring, love & kisses.   

The miniature schnauzer puppies in our program generally weigh an average of 13 to 16 pounds at maturity.  We cannot guarantee size, however, we do not breed teacup or toy size schnauzers.   

To protect our program, bloodlines, and the health of the companion puppies we place in pet homes, Laurel Crown Schnauzers has a strict policy prohibiting the reproduction of our puppies, whether by intentional or accidental breeding.  We sell our puppies to pet homes as companion pets only and we do not allow our puppies to be put into breeding situations.  Our puppies do not include registration papers or breeding rights. 

Laurel Crown Schnauzers takes a holistic approach to raising and parenting our mini schnauzers.  Every effort is put into ensuring that our dogs and puppies have all the resources needed to thrive to their full potential.  Beginning at three days of life, our newborn puppies are put through a daily neurological stimulation protocol (ENS) to stimulate their mental development and boost their physical health, which gives them an invaluable advantage!  It has shown to be an essential practice in producing emotionally stable and confident dogs with enhanced critical-thinking abilities.  The ENS training method is used to train working dogs, therapy pets, law enforcement K9s, the United States military’s working animals, and even used by some of the most prestigious champion breeders worldwide.  Music designed for developmental and desensitization benefits is also played for our litters regularly.  Psychoacoustic therapy reduces canine anxiety behavior and promotes calmness and a well-balanced dog.  We try our best to desensitize them from naturally occurring stimuli such as car rides, baths, thunder, hair clippers, fireworks, vacuum cleaners, pots and pans, and other household noises.  We follow a puppy curriculum for enrichment and enjoy introducing them to the magnificent world they now live in. 

It is important to us that we stay vigilant to risks of exposure, avoiding sources of communicable canine diseases and toxic chemicals.  We take great care in maintaining high standards of cleanliness and biosecurity for our immune-developing puppies.  Canine parvovirus and distemper can wipe out an entire litter and completely shut down a breeding program for years.  These viruses are a real threat to breeders because of how easily they can be transmitted and how deadly they are.  Germs can be tracked in on tires, shoes, clothing, hands, etc.  We do not allow visitors to come to our property for this reason, but we are happy to offer a Facetime or Video Messenger appointment to see your puppy live and have a look around.  We are also more than happy to provide references, both personal and professional.  Our puppies are litterbox trained to help alleviate the risk of contracting fatal canine illnesses from soil outdoors.  This early training method is great for developing young pups and helps to simplify house-training.   

Our feeding protocol promotes a healthy, balanced, age-appropriate diet, including some raw feeding and some home-cooking.  It is our policy not to feed any pet food, treats, or supplements with by-products, colors, or unhealthy additives.  Laurel Crown Schnauzers supplements all of our dogs and puppies with NuVet Plus K-9 Immune System Builder and recommend continuing after they go home for optimal health.  We also like to add a probiotic containing prebiotics to their food daily for proper digestion and absorption of nutrition.  We do not ever give our dogs or puppies rawhide. 

Our program is conservative with vaccinations and we use minimal commercial and chemically-laden products on or around our animals.     

We want to meet our puppy parents in person to establish a more personal, long-term schnauzer-owning relationship.  It is our desire to offer lifetime support for the benefit of our miniature schnauzers.  We request occasional updates as part of our Purchase Agreement Contract.  It is not our practice to just take a Buyer’s money and hand them a puppy; we would never do that.  Laurel Crown Schnauzers takes the placement of our miniature schnauzers and their well-being seriously, for a lifetime.  With this in mind, we do reserve the right to respectfully decline applicants for any reason, or to cancel a sale for any reason. 

Laurel Crown Schnauzers does not ship puppies via cargo; we require that they must be picked up in person by the new pet parents or we may be open to discussing our flight nanny services with approved Buyers.  We will not release a puppy before 8 weeks of age under any circumstances.  Additional fees will apply if we provide flight nanny services. 

Our home is in Hopkins county in Northeast Texas, approximately 70 miles East of Dallas.  As scheduling and availability allows, we are willing to meet Buyers at either Dallas Fort Worth International airport, or Tyler Pounds Field airport for those flying in to collect a puppy.  Additional fees will apply. 

Laurel Crown Schnauzers is a small breeding program, and only a few times a year we have a carefully planned litter available for new homes.  If we do not have current availability, I am happy to discuss our wait list for future litters!           

We are elated that you took the time to read about our program and hope that you will contact us with any questions you may have.  Applications can be submitted via our Client Questionnaire and we will contact you as soon as possible with a personal response.  

I can be reached by email at, by messenger from our Facebook page, Instagram, or by phone at 903-521-5568.    

Kindest Regards, 

Megan Asbill, owner

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