Laurel Crown Schnauzers

Wait List, Security Deposits, and Payment Policy


Wait List Policy and Procedure:

All applicants must be 18 years of age or older.  We operate on a Wait List that goes in order of approved application.  Laurel Crown Schnauzers reserves the right to have first pick of any litter.  The application approval is a process, beginning with an approved Client Application, review and discussion of our Purchase Agreement contract, and a phone interview.  These steps are required to be placed on our Wait List for a puppy.

If we do not have what you are looking for in a current litter, then Wait List-approved applicants can be transferred to a future litter.  

Puppy pricing is determined by coat and eye color.  Pricing is not determined until 6 weeks of age because these little puppies change rapidly.

All Reservation Fees must be made through our profile on the Gooddog payment platform.


Reservation Fees:

Reservation Fees are $500.00 and are non-refundable.   We also require an approved Client Application, including a phone interview and discussion of contract terms.  Puppies are not secure without following the steps of the approved application process, and receipt of the Reservation Fee.  Our policy is first come, first serve, and we will not hold or reserve a puppy without these requirements being met. 

All Reservation Fees must be made through our profile on the Gooddog payment platform.


Policies and Procedures for Puppy Purchase:

We take applications on our puppies and reserve the right to respectfully decline any applicant for any reason.  We also reserve the right to refuse or cancel a sale at any time, for any reason.

Please review the  contract.  We will reserve your puppy when the Purchase Agreement contract has been reviewed and discussed, an application has been approved, phone interview has been conducted, and an $500.00 non-refundable Reservation Fee is received through the Gooddog payment platform.

Final balances are accepted in cash only at the time of pick up on Go Home Day, please.

If you change your mind about purchasing your reserved puppy, I ask that you inform me in writing as soon as possible so we may relist that puppy.  Once a puppy has been relisted, we will move on and contact the next client on our Wait List.  We will not secure the same puppy for the same client again, but we can discuss moving clients to the Wait List for a future litter.  Any non-refundable Reservation Fees paid to us will not be refunded.

If your puppy dies while in our care due to an unfortunate illness, congenital defect, an act of nature, or is deemed unsalable for any reason by me and our licensed Veterinarian, we will refund the Reservation Fee.

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